Review of Podcasts

The Nature podcast of 7th August 2008 discusses a new type of virus that has been discovered – a virophage which infects other viruses. The Science Podcast of 8th August 2008 discusses findings in Borderline Personality Disorder using game theory. Game theory allows researchers to look at social interactions and to analyse these mathematically. The researchers found that people with Borderline Personality Disorder differed from controls in activity in the anterior insular area, an area which is associated with autonomic functioning and were less likely to cooperate with their paired partners in the game. The July 2008 podcast of the American Journal of Psychiatry requires a subscription. There is a discussion of the results of the CATIE study involving the use of atypical antipsychotics in dementia. This was a placebo trial with last observation carried forward and there was found to be an improvement in symptoms (both psychotic and general symptoms). A separate study looked at antidepressant treatment algorithms in the elderly using outcomes of response/non-response at 12 weeks whilst there  is also a discussion of a study looking at neuroimaging findings in elderly depressed patients, finding a role for the posterior cingulum which is part of the Papez circuit. There is also the suggestion that depressed elderly patients with poor executive functioning may be a subgroup that responds less well to treatment.


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