Book Review: Handbook of Psychopharmacotherapy. A Life-span Approach

The Handbook of Psychopharmacotherapy is a very useful american pocket-sized book giving an easy to use summary of psychotropic medications. For each drug there are details of different characteristics including possible advantages, interactions, side effects and mechanisms of action. The brand names and dosaging are mostly american specific and so these sections are less useful outside of the USA. The strengths of the book come from the density of useful information. In particular under some of the drug’s side effects there are percentage figures which practically can be very useful. Although there are no references listed, they would have made the book bigger. There are neat tables and comparisons for instance of the side effect profiles of antipsychotics. This book is a useful clinical companion for the prescribing doctor providing a lot of easy to find and highly relevant information


Pavuluri M and Janicak P. Handbook of Psychopharmacotherapy – A Life-Span Approach. Second Edition. 2008. Wolters Kluwer and Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.


The comments made here represent the opinions of the author and do not represent the profession or any body/organisation. The comments made here are not meant as a source of medical advice and those seeking medical advice are advised to consult with their own doctor.


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