Blog Review: Neurocritic Blog or On the Art of Bringing MRI studies into Pop Culture

Neurocritic’s blog has been going since 2006 and its is a lot of fun!

Neurocritic is interested in neuorimaging studies and he reviews these in depth and with the eye of an expert. There are a number of tongue-in-cheek articles and references to films and songs to distract from the otherwise incisive and heavyweight analysis that is going on, not just of the specific articles but of general trends in the neuroimaging world/neurosciences. Many of neurocritic’s articles are mini-review articles in their own right, containing numerous references to relevant studies backing up his arguments. Neurocritic’s blog is highly recommended particularly to those with an interest in the neurosciences. I had a lot of fun reading through these articles and there are too many good ones to choose from – so forgive my rather excessive list below.

The Neural Correlates of Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive Collecting of Toy Bullets

Compulsive Collecting of Televisions

Is the MTL one big happy region – Identifying an anatomical mistake in an MRI publication

Dialogue and Dilbert on Prediction Errors – Explanation of analytical technique used in MRI studies

The Right and the Good and the Insula

Encephalon – Round up of other neuroblogs

The 2008 World Telekinesis Competition

Trends in SFN abstracts

I Look Terrible…. – Localising embarassment at seeing an unflattering image of yourself!

NeuroPsychoEconomics – ?!?!?!?!

Truth may be beauty, and beauty truth

This is your brain on additional critiques

This is your brain on bad MRI studies

My Amygdala is very optimistic today

The joy of 5-HT4 receptors

A single gene controls emotional recall

I forgot

Synesthetes Show Greater Connectivity in the Inferior Temporal Cortex

NAcc Localisation for DBS – Placing electrodes in Deep Brain Stimulation

The Overuse Theory of Alzheimer’s Disease

Are Faces Special

Fables of the Reconstruction

The Repressed Memory Challenge

Mental Time Travel

Memory Expert’s Memory About False Memory is False

I Miss You But I Haven’t Met You Yet

Fables of the Reconstruction

Spindle Neurons and Frontotemporal Dementia

I Can’t Feel Anything

Neural Correlates of a Mystical Experience in Carmelite Nuns

Spindle Neurons: The Next New Thing?

Hypnosis and Pain Control

The Precuneus and Recovery From A Minimally Conscious State

Are You Conscious of Your Precuneus

Hypnosis and Genetics

Etiology or Epiphenomenon?

The Sad Cingulate Before CBT

The Sad Cingulate


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