Podcast/Video Review: The Future’s Here and it’s Blue!

In this remarkable video (identified on the neurostimulant blog) Henry Markram discusses some of the work on the blue brain project, a project which aims to eventually simulate the human brain. However you’ll need to put aside an hour to watch this although it’s well worth it! The simulation uses neuroanatomical and neurophysiological constraints on neurons to build up virtual circuits. Simulations are then run using these properties. There is no hypothesis. The simulations produce emergent properties from the circuits including gamma oscillations. Theories are not useful here – instead another concept is paramount – constraints. Markram also outlines his vision of some of the future directions of science including industrialisation, informatics and simulations. This is science on a different level.


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  1. Why does the video not available any more? I really want to see it, I saw only short part of it and it’s amazing.


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