Blog Review. Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look

The featured blog ‘Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look’ has been running since 2006. The author provides a  critique of research carried out in the field of psychology and psychiatry and issues which impact on practice. There are some incisive analyses of papers.  A few of the most interesting articles for me include switching from first generation antipsychotics to second generation antipsychotics (with analysis), pharma funding of patient groups, preventive psychopharmacology, the role of the doctor in the therapeutic effect, lack of efficacy of alpha-2 agonists in PTSD, occupational therapy fordementia, shadow statisticians, and a discussion of subthreshold bipolar disorder. There is some overlap with the previously featured blogs Furious Seasons and the Carlat Psychiatry Blog. As with my discussion of the Carlat Psychiatry Blog, a polarised view helps to identify the important issues much more easily. This works best in the context of a discussion or argument between proponents of opposite polarised viewpoints.


The comments made here represent the opinions of the author and do not represent the profession or any body/organisation. The comments made here are not meant as a source of medical advice and those seeking medical advice are advised to consult with their own doctor. The author is not responsible for the contents of any external sites that are linked to in this blog.


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