Blog Review: The Mouse Trap

The featured blog is the Mouse Trap Blog by Sandeep Gautam. The blog started in May 2006 and Gautam shows great versatility in covering a range of topics including evolution, social psychology, cognitive psychology and neurobiology. Guaram’s analysis of white water rafting is very entertaining and thought provoking at the same time. Other highlights for me included a ‘ghost’ spot discovered in electrical stimulation, a series of articles on causal learning, a series on moral development, a hypothesis about adaptive solutions combining to push evolution in a certain direction and an update on this, reporting on the biology of imagination, and stages of ego development. Sandy also identifies his own eight stage theory of evolution and it’s great to see a blog acting as the springboard for a theory. This is a great blog with lots of thought provoking articles.

(My) Conflict of Interest

There was an earlier commentary on the Mousetrap Blog about my book review of Evolutionary Psychology.


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