Podcast Review

In the 1.10.8 edition of JAMA, there is discussion of a meta-analysis of 11 RCT’s and Observational studies researchers found long term psychodynamic psychotherapy resulted in better outcomes than shorter duration therapies in people with complex mental illnesses. There is also a discussion of news reporting on research articles where a study found that there was room for improvement in reporting funding or conflict of interests.

In the 2.10.8 edition of the NEJM there is discussion of research showing a benefit of continuous glucose monitoring in Type I diabetes in terms of better glycaemic control (as measured using glycosylated haemoglobin). There is also a discussion of polycystic kidney disease.

In the October 2nd edition of the Nature Podcast there is a discussion of microRNA, which regulates expression of messenger RNA and which was discovered about 15 years ago. There is also a discussion of a recent analysis of an old sample of HIV suggesting it originated at a time of increasing urbanisation in central africa. There is the suggestion that ecological changes may be another effective means of responding to the virus.

In the October 3rd edition of the Science Podcast there is a discussion of a study in which people are presented with random noise and are placed in situations where they have varying degrees of control. The researchers found that if the people had less control they were more likely to see patterns in the information. There is the suggestion that this may be relevant in paranoid ideation.


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