Book Review: Overcoming Anxiety: A Five Areas Approach

The reviewed book is ‘Overcoming Anxiety: A Five Areas Approach’. This is a self-help workbook. The first section of the book is the self-assessment workbook which is divided into a number of sections addressing a number of topics related to anxiety including differentiation of and understanding of some of the most common anxiety disorders. In the second section, the workbooks cover self-management and cover a number of areas relevant to anxiety including avoidance, unhelpful behaviours and changing extreme and unhelpful thinking.  The final section of the book is meant for health care or self-help groups and gives some advice on how to use the book in practice. The book is very well organised and the language is easy to follow and geared to the reader with no prior knowledge of CBT. This is a very useful resource for use within a health service although policies for using self-help resources will probably vary between areas (An example is given of the use of self-help resources in a day hospital in Leeds). As health services change, it will be interesting to see how the use of self-help resources changes also.


Chris Williams. Overcoming Anxiety: A Five Areas Approach. 2003. Arnold.


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