Blog Review: All in the Mind

‘All in the Mind’ is a blog by Natasha Mitchell who is a science journalist. The blog which started in October 2007 covers neuroscience issues and is aimed towards a general audience. The blog popularises neuroscience and this is accomplished through the clarity of writing together with an audio series featured on ABC radio. In this article there is a discussion of a number of situations in which one group of people have committed acts of injustice against another group. The story of Romeo Dallaire’s despair at the genocide in Rwanda which he felt helpless to prevent is compelling and Mitchell references a film ‘Shake hands with the devil’ which covers this in more detail. Such issues in which the lives of many people are impacted should surely feature highly in the priorities of the scientific research community. The issue of negative drug studies not being published is covered here although regulatory changes should address this. Mitchell has very put an image of her own brain up here for readers to see! Here is a discussion of Doug McGill’s thoughts on ethics in journalism and here is a video interview with Clive Thompson of Wired magazine about blogging. Here is a transcript of an interview with Patrick Wall who with Ron Melzack developed the Gate Control Theory of Pain whilst this article features Goodna, one of the oldest asylums in Australia with links to an audio show on this.  What struck me when reading this blog was the highly specialised nature of science journalism and the tremendous good work that is done by this group in communicating a technically demanding subject.


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