Podcast Review: 1.11.08

In the Podcast review this week, Baroness Greenfield discusses the possible effects of technology on the population, while other research is discussed in the Nature podcast which finds peak ages for researchers as measured in publications.

In the 31.10.08 edition of the Science podcast there is a discussion of some research showing the possible involvement of an enzyme alpha CaMKII in selective memory formation and the possible benefits of a certain type of bacterial infection in preventing viral infections in flies.

In the 30.10.08 edition of the Nature podcast there is a discussion of financial engineering with lessons from physics being transferred into economics in understanding people’s financial behaviour on the basis of empirical data. There is also a brief discussion of some very interesting research which shows that researchers are at their peak in terms of publications in their 50’s and 60’s and some of the reasons are discussed.

In the 1.11.08 edition of ‘All in the Mind’, Natasha Mitchell talks with Baroness Susan Greenfield about amongst other things the possible changes that technology may have on the population. This has also been explored in the review of the Mind Hacks blog last week where questions of this nature led to the development of the concept of neurasthenia. Baroness Greenfield argues that there is a tendency towards living in the moment and that consequently there may be a delay in development. Nevertheless any arguments about the impact of technology on the population must also explain the Flynn effect, that as time progresses, there is an increment in the average IQ scores of the population.


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