Blog Review: Bipolar Mo

The featured blog is ‘Bipolar Mo‘ which started in October 2006. Bipolar Mo is a man with bipolar affective disorder who has retired from working as a nurse due to his illness. Mo writes with wit and creativity. He often fills his posts with photos which clearly convey the points he is making and in a humorous way. As with some of the other blogs reviewed previously, Bipolar Mo offers insights into the doctor-patient relationship from the patient’s perspective. In the March 11th post, Bipolar Mo features a music track which he has produced. I listened to it and was quite impressed. In other posts, Mo describes his experiences of illness in detail and it is easy to become caught up in the unfolding events. As well as being very creative, Mo also shows a great deal of empathy with others and this is evident from his observations (and perhaps also shows in the photos he chooses). Bipolar Mo’s blog is appealing on a number of levels from gaining insights into how someone’s life can be affected by bipolar illness, through to posts which are light-hearted and entertaining with the common thread of engaging with the reader.


The comments made here represent the opinions of the author and do not represent the profession or any body/organisation. The comments made here are not meant as a source of medical advice and those seeking medical advice are advised to consult with their own doctor. The author is not responsible for the contents of any external sites that are linked to in this blog.


    • I review blogs, articles, podcasts and books! So I was interested in this blog when I came across it and decided to review it! Regards Justin


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