Featured Blog: Sara Roizen – Fine Art Muralist

The featured blog is ‘Sara Roizen – Fine Art Muralist‘. Sara Roizen is an artist and art teacher who has just started a Masters Degree in art therapy. Art therapy which is a relatively young discipline is discussed in the more recent sections of the blog after Roizen has started the Master’s course and she gives a helpful overview of the subject here. Mental health services, depending on local resources may have art therapists who can undertake detailed individual psychotherapeutic work with people or group work as just a few examples of their work.

At the beginning of the blog, Roizen talks about the process of creating artwork and a gallery of her work can be seen here. There are a lot of beautiful works here and I particularly liked ‘creation‘, while ‘Rope Dancer 1’ and ‘Rope Dancer 2’ in the abstracts section I thought were very playful. There is a rich cultural exploration in the Japanese Gardens series, a beautiful exposition of nature in the ‘Sandstone series’  and a reflective ‘Earth Windows’ series. Roizin also borrows some really insightful quotes about art and I got a sense of an ability to create a peaceful, healing environment.

What I find exciting about the idea of art therapy is that the creative resources and inspiration of the world of art can be used to alleviate suffering and distress and facilitate the healing process.

This is a very nice blog, with Roizin guiding the reader through her experience of art and relating this to art therapy.


The comments made here represent the opinions of the author and do not represent the profession or any body/organisation. The comments made here are not meant as a source of medical advice and those seeking medical advice are advised to consult with their own doctor. The author is not responsible for the contents of any external sites that are linked to in this blog.


  1. It was very inspiring to see my daughter’s blog and the work she does featured in an article by a psychiatrist. Sara has always had a keen intuition and a compassion for other’s pain. That she was drawn to “art therapy” and can combine her artistic talent to her compassion and desire to help others is very fulfilling to me as a parent.

    That you are familiar with art therapy and recognize it as a legitimate therapy for easing pain and suffering is reassuring and heartening.

    I hope you have many opportunities to share your insight and understanding with other members of the medical/psychiatric profession.


    • Many thanks for your comments. It was inspiring to read Sara’s blog and to see her work in the image galleries and to know that those talents are helping others through the therapeutic medium. I have had the privilege of working with several art therapists and know from first hand experience of the benefits that people can derive from this therapy.




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