Blog Review: Somatosphere. Science, medicine and anthropology

The featured blog is ‘Somatosphere. Science, medicine and anthropology’ which began earlier this year (the second post is dated July 14th). The authors, anthropologists, write that their blog is about anthropology and its intersection with a number of areas including psychiatry. Here is an article by Eugene Raikhel examining Ritalin with reference to other articles on the subject and finding a narrative for this development. Ann Kelly writes a fascinating article on experimental huts for combatting mosquitos in the Gambia where there is tremendous attention to detail to test various hypotheses about the optimal design of huts for this purpose. In an article on placebo, Raikhel discusses this topic thoughtfully examining the issue from several angles and asking the really difficult questions such as why do physicians prescribe placebos and why don’t they. The answers to such questions have lots of potential for not only allowing reflection on practice but even for influencing practice although this is an area with many ethical issues. Stephanie Lloyd examines the phenomenon of social phobia in France in another interesting article. This is a relative newcomer to the blog scene, which already has a number of very interesting and thought provoking articles which can facilitate introspection within psychiatry.


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