Blog Review: Neuroscientifically Challenged

Neuroscientifically Challenged is a blog about neuroscience which started in January 2008 although at the time of writing the last article was in September 2008. Marc Dingman the author writes that he is a neuroscientist and is working in a genetics lab, explaining the versatility with which he writes about topics ranging from the function of junk DNA to evolutionary fear and the neuroimaging revolution.  The articles are easy to understand and geared towards introducing neuroscience to a wider audience.  Some of the articles I found particularly interesting were a post about deep brain stimulation of the fornix resulting in feelings of deja vu as well as an article on a  condition referred to as Body Integrity Identity Disorder. In this article Dingman takes another look at some of the possible functions of dopamine. Dingman explains that there is a temporary hiatus due to other commitments but hopefully he will return with some interesting articles in the process of doing the good work of increasing the accessibility of neuroscience.


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