Podcast Review: November 2008 5th Edition

In the Science Podcast of 28.11.08 there is a discussion with Greg Hannon (author of study) about a study investigating epigenetics and discovering evidence of transmission of RNA in addition to DNA to offspring. In the Science Podcast of 21.11.08 there is a discussion of a new DNA sequencing technique which is 30,000 times faster than current techniques and which could allow sequencing of the human genome in one hour!  In the 14.11.08 edition of the Science Podcast there is a discussion of the evolution of childhood development. Humans have longer periods of child development than other primates and the recent research in Homo Erectus is discussed. One of the ideas is that longer periods of development are required in humans to allow for the brain to achieve it’s relatively large size and consumes lots of energy in the process. By having a longer period of development energy can be allocated to other systems in the body that are also developing. In the Science Podcast of 31.10.08, there is a brief discussion of sleep in animals and the fascinating insight that there are some species of fish that actually go without sleep!


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