Podcast Review: December 2008 2nd Edition

In the November Neuropod 2008, there is a special version covering a neuroscience conference Washington DC and featuring an interview with Eva Marda. Marda explains her choice of presidential special lectures and predicts that understanding brain circuits is going to play an increasingly important role in neuroscience research allowing researchers to explain individual differences to a much greater extent. There is a discussion of nanotubes with all of their potential to guide nerve cell growth which might be of benefit for instance in spinal cord injuries although clinical trials would need to be conducted before any significant conclusions can be drawn. There was also a suggestion of the possible hazards that may be inherent in these technologies. There is also a case of a young man with locked-in-syndrome who communicates with a yes or no through the use of eye movements. The researchers have been developing a prosthesis for interfacing with the brain and are looking at a 5 year strategy of allowing him to speak with this technology. The conference is also covered in the Nature Podcast of 27.11.08.


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