Predictions for 2009

Here are some of my predictions for 2009

1. President Obama’s science advisers will introduce new science policies in the next year and these will be widely covered in the media

2. The Productive Wards Series will spread rapidly within the NHS and will be rolled out into different services (e.g community teams) influencing practice.

3. The financial crisis will lead to rising unemployment with the associated difficulties and for various reasons there will be reduced funding for science which will slow the accelerating number of biomedical studies although there will still be an overall increase in the number of studies.

4. There will be a continued media focus on Rember, Dimebon and Etanercept

5. There will be further clarification of the relationship between cardiovascular disease and depression

6. There will be further published research on cellular reprogramming

7. There will be increasing numbers of novel genetic findings resulting from genomic sequencing

8. Mild Cognitive Impairment will continue to be a focus for research

9. There will be further research on predicting conversion from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia

10. Telemedicine will become more prominent


The comments made here represent the opinions of the author and do not represent the profession or any body/organisation. The comments made here are not meant as a source of medical advice and those seeking medical advice are advised to consult with their own doctor. The author is not responsible for the contents of any external sites that are linked to in this blog.


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