Podcast Review – Shrink Rap Radio #1

The featured podcast is Shrink Rap Radio episode #1. In this episode Dr Dave interviews Dr David Sowerby a psychologist who specialises in the study of intuition. Dr Sowerby describes his initial career in engineering before finding that he had an aptitude for psychology. He then focuses on the subject of intuition and notes that there are many definitions of this before giving a sports example. In this example he had been playing a sports game and experienced an ‘intuitive sense of consciousness’ when he had a heightened sense of awareness of the other players in the game as well as the environment. Perhaps this is the equivalent of ‘being in the zone’. Sowerby then gives some other definitions of intuition – ‘the recognition of truth’, ‘knowing something immediately’ and ‘inner wisdom’ before recommending that people pay more attention to their own intuition. Sowerby argues that people might not be aware of their own intuition as often it doesn’t appear literally instead manifesting indirectly in dreams for instance. Sowerby makes the interesting observation that this intuition may be interpreted differently by people depending on their belief systems in which case they would use terms such as ‘tingling sensation’, ‘psychic’, ‘high pitched ringing’, ‘clairvoyant’ or else access their intuition through images, sounds, strong emotion or thoughts. Finally we are given the intriguing technique of dream incubation where the listener is encouraged to ask various questions before they go to sleep – repeating the question several times and noting any dreams they have had on waking. This is another interesting podcast in Dr Dave’s extensive and fascinating ShrinkRap Radio series.


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