Advances in the History of Psychology Blog Review

The featured blog is ‘Advances in the History of Psychology‘. This area of study offers very useful insights not least of which is learning from the lessons of the past. Many articles contain links to other sites or excerpts from papers and the articles are very interesting and distinct from other blogs reviewed here even when the subject matter is similar. In this article there is a comment on the effect of the internet on peer review in scientific journals but it is also apparent that scientists are already taking their papers straight to the internet audience. Freud comes up for discussion in a number of articles. Here is a very brief discussion which does however raise the issues of empiricism and the humanities in interpreting Freud’s works and their influence. Thus here is a discussion of a misinterpretation of Freud’s concept of repression, while this article refers to a book covering the last year of Freud’s life and here is a brief link to a review of a book on Freud’s works assessed in a wider context. There is a very interesting link to an article on the similarities of Freud and Skinner.

There are a number of posts on classic scientists or papers including replication. Thus a challenge for bloggers to review classic science papers was made one blog. There was also an article focusing on the giant of neuroanatomy – Cajal publishing on hypnosis before his other pioneering works and the recent translation into english of this early work. A book about the history of sleep research is briefly reviewed here. In this article there is a brief discussion of the mistakes made in psychology textbooks while replication of classic studies is referenced here. Replication studies must surely be as important as the original studies.

As the history of psychology covers a vast subject area there are a number of other interesting articles which are difficult to group together and so I will just list here some of those articles I found most interesting: The historical practice of altering brain chemistry, reconciling two disparate cultures, agnotology – the study of ignorance, the creation of a new research post to study the history of the development of Asperger syndrome, debunking and counter-debunking(!) psychological myths here, digitising the history of psychology, another perspective on brain imaging and the history of neuroscience. There are also some links to a documentary on the rise of functional psychology (Part 1 and Part 2).

This is a very nice blog which gives a broad perspective on the field of psychology and a number of areas in psychiatry.


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