John Betts on Jungian Psychology – Podcast #8

This is the 8th podcast in the series by John Betts on Jungian Psychology. In this episode, Betts develops the theme of analysing dreams. Here he has a number of practical tips including the use of a dream diary and a pen torch as well as avoiding interference from other material – for instance not watching films just before sleep. He tells us that the psyche creates new words or numbers which may have a significance that becomes clear after transcription and analysis. The emphasis, as in the previous podcast in the series is about the dream’s meaning which is in effect, according to the model, a dialogue with the psyche and is repeated if the material has not been acted upon. What is also interesting is that Betts talks about traumatic dreams in which the unconsciousness reworks the trauma. My first thought on listening to this was about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in which there are recurring nightmares about the trauma. Betts also tells us that not all dreams are equal and that some are compensatory while others compliment the attitude of the consciousness. Betts also reminds us that the psyche is always working. Betts narration is clear and the material engaging.


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