Book Review: 50 Psychology Classics

The featured audiobook is 50 Psychology Classics by Tom Butler-Bowdon and narrated by Sean Pratt. This is a very nice work. The audio quality is very good and the narration is clear and holds the interest. The content of the book itself is excellent. Butler-Bowdon selects 50 books in the field of psychology which cover a broad range of topics and approaches including creativity, behaviourism, conflict resolution and language to mention just a few. Butler-Bowdon gives us a brief but helpful biography of each authors which contextualises the work. There is also a useful feature of the work in that similar books are also mentioned so that the reader can continue their study with other related works. The essence of each work is discussed and the author relates central themes in the works with clarity. What I found particularly useful here was the ability to have a bird’s eye view of important works in the field of psychology. A number of the works are popular psychology books although there are also more specialised works also. As there is a vast amount of material densely packed within the work, it can be read again without losing its appeal. The book worked for me in that I’ve made a list of the referenced books to put on my reading list! This is an excellent work for those with an interest in psychology.


Tom Bulter-Bowdon. 50 Psychology Classics. Narrated by Sean Pratt. Gildian Media Group. 2007.


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