Neurology Minutiae Blog Review

The featured blog is ‘Neurology Minutiae‘ written by a neurologist who keeps a number of other blogs on different neurologically related topics. There are many overlaps between neurology and psychiatry and this is particularly evident in neuropsychiatry. The articles are mainly brief, almost notelike and mostly reference a current paper in the field of neurology but provide some commentary or personal interpretation on the paper. There are also a few articles which cover a topic in more depth. Some of the articles I found particularly interesting included a discussion of dorsal midbrain syndrome and shunt dysfunction in this article, some relevant side-effects of the newer anticonvulsants described here, a differential diagnosis of unilateral hearing loss, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, neuro-opthalmology testing, functional visual loss, multisystem atrophy, eye closure in pseudoseizures, a link to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, an unusual case of anxiety and epilepsy secondary to an insuloma, characterising PSP, impulsivity and Parkinson’s Disease, discriminating Parkinson’s Disease and PSP, ictal heart rate in pseudoseizures and seizures, drugs causing myoclonus, the serotonin syndrome, miscellaneous drug side-effects, pusher syndrome, paraneoplastic syndrome, rheumatoid pachymeningitis, aggressive behaviours in REM sleep behaviour disorder and the UPDRS criteria for staging of Parkinson’s Disease. This blog is particulary useful for those with an interest in neurology but also has a number of articles relevant to psychiatry including coverage of dementia.


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