Blog Review: A Survivor’s Guide to Huntington’s Disease

The featured blog is ‘A Survivors Guide to Huntington’s Disease‘. This is a blog written by Angela F whose mother was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. Angela wanted to learn to cope with the difficulties she was experiencing by expressing herself through the blog and later writes that it has been very helpful in this way. Angela is very good at expressing herself and communicating the really important decisions she has to make and what living with her mother’s illness means to her. In this post she writes poignantly about her fond memories of her mother and how these helped her to cope. Angela is concerned that she might be a carrier and undergoes genetic counselling learning that unfortunately she also carries the mutated gene. She deals with this courageously and along with her partner looks into the possibility of IVF treatment so that she can have children. This latter part of her story has lasted a number of years and at the time of writing Angela is ‘in hibernation’ in terms of the blog. Angela’s candid and courageous writing about both her own and her mother’s illness make this a valuable resource for people with Huntington’s Disease and their families as well as those involved in the care of people with Huntington’s Disease.


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  1. Subhaanallah- a prelude which in essence was his life- short but brilliant- like his name!!!
    Alhamdulillah, that he swt made U readit


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