Podcast Review: John Betts on Analytic Psychology #11

I am reviewing the 11th in the series of John Betts podcasts on Jungian analytic psychology.  In this episode Betts discusses some of the feedback he has received from listeners. Even at this early stage in the series, the podcast has acquired listeners from around the world including one doctor in the Middle East who listens to the podcast on his way to work! Betts discusses the use of the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory which Betts tells us has taken on a new meaning from that envisaged by Jung.  He argues that the widespread use of this typology has resulted in various problems.  Thus the typology is sometimes interpreted as indicating an individual’s rigid adherence to types whereas Jung meant them as preferences instead.  Similarly the widespread use and repeated self-administered testing means that some people are able to anticipate the intended use of questions and modify their responses accordingly. Betts further discusses his reservations about the misuse of typology. He mentions that Jung wrote extensively on typology including the use of previous approaches and had a deep understanding of this subject.  Thus when he referred to types, Jung was also talking about the ego’s response to both the inner and outer world. The ego has both superior and inferior functions in several domains as represented in the typology and during the individuation process, the person becomes more comfortable with the use of their functions.  Betts notes that typology does have a place and can be used very effectively within therapy provided it is used within the context of Jung’s intended meaning.  What I found particularly interesting was the reference to objects when discussing introvert and extrovert as although they are not the same, an analogy can be drawn with locus of control.  This is another in the series of Betts excellent podcast series on Jungian Analytic Psychology and the narration as in previous episodes is clear to understand and the material engaging.

Addendum (17.5.9)

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