Blog Review: Stu’s Views & MS News

The featured blog is ‘Stu’s Views & M.S. News‘ by Stuart Schlossman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998 and has put considerable effort into sharing news about multiple sclerosis with others through his blog. The homepage contains a series of links to YouTube videos on different aspects of Multiple Sclerosis located at the very bottom of the screen. The right hand panel contains links to medical sites as well as the blog archive. The first post is listed as April 2, 2007 and tells the reader about a subscription news service that is available. In this post, Stuart tells us more about his aims – to empower other people with M.S through sharing of knowledge

A particular strength of this blog is the incredible rate at which it is updated and links are made to the latest news stories. Topics covered in the news updates range from how the blood-brain barrier affects illness severity, collagenase-2 as a therapeutic target for maintaining blood-brain barrier integrity, new delivery systems for baclofen, a nationwide program in Ireland for people with MS, parallels between a benign condition – Balo’s disease and MS, and a link to an article by the National MS Society listing clinical trials in 2009. There are links to M.S organisations such as MS News, links to websites on MS, the myelin repair foundation and  MS Blogger sites. There is also a series of diary-like posts ‘Merely Me‘.

There are frequent updates on therapeutic approaches that are being trialled including an AMPA-type glutamate receptor antagonist, a trial of Maestro-o3, FTY720, BHT-3009 a DNA vaccine, SF-1019, fluoxetine, naltrexone, frampridineteraflunomide, laquinimod, functional electrical stimulation, methylphenidate, PI2301, cladribine, pioglitazone and Symadex. Stuart also shares with us his own experiences in managing his illness and engages in dialogue with the readers for instance when he takes a brief hiatus from his medication. As the blog is written for people with M.S, there are a number of articles which inform the reader about the basics – what is myelin?, various hints and tips about injections, facial pain, vertigo, common questions about MS, assistive devices and types of MS. Along the way, Stuart includes humorous clips to entertain and complement the other posts.

This is an excellent blog by Stuart Schlossman which contains a vast amount of information on MS including links to organisations, basic information about MS as well as recent research developments.

Conflict of Interest

One of my articles was linked to in this blog.


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  1. Dr. Marley,

    Thank you for your sincere and kind words…
    How might I be in direct contact with you ?
    Please send an email directly to me:
    I need help in bringing more people from Outside the USA to my sites, and to receive my weekly ms related e-newsletter. Are you receiving this weekly publication?
    If not, please register at my website and please remember to contact me.

    Best Regards

    Stuart Schlossman


    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for your comments. I’ll send you an e-mail and register for the e-newsletter!

      Kind regards



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