Blog Review: Braindisease’s Weblog

The featured blog is ‘Braindisease’s Weblog‘ by Assistant Profession of Neurology Dr Nitin Sethi in New York. In this first post dated December 2007, NS explains the rationale behind the blog – to make some of the research literature in neurology accessible to the general public. Sethi accomplishes this through an engaging style, keeping the articles brief and too the point all in language that is accessible to a lay audience as well as to professionals. As there are significant areas of overlap between neurology and psychiatry there are numerous areas of potential interest to mental health professionals. For instance in this article he covers the issue of falls in neurodegenerative conditions and includes causes and management. He also writes an article on Vit B12 status and an association of deficiency with brain atrophy together with some further insights.  There are a large number of posts on general neurological topics . Here for instance Sethi gives advice on reducing risk of stroke while the post on Persistent Vegetative State provoked a lot of discussion in the commentary section. Sethi also has a website and is also featured in an interview with ‘Merely Me’ over at Multiple Sclerosis Central.

I found Sethi writes in an engaging style and covers a broad range of issues in neurology making the subject accessible to a lay audience while the articles also retain value for the professional.


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  1. Thanks for noticing the effort of Dr Sethi. He is sure a kind hearted man and spending his time for people in trouble.


  2. I have been reading your blog now for quite a long time and really like it. I don’t know if it’s your style or not , but do you think you could do a post on the oil spill in the gulf?

    I love your thoughts and opinions, and would love to see your commentary on this tragedy.


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