Blog Review: Buckeye Psychiatry, LLC

The featured blog is ‘Buckeye Psychiatry, LLC‘ by Dr Adam Brandemihl, a psychiatrist based in Dublin, Ohio and which began in August 2008. Brandemihl’s interests include ADHD  which is reflected in a number of the postings. The postings are broadly speaking of two types. The first type predominates and is a report on news stories. These are about developments in psychiatry. Thus there are a number of articles on drug trials or new applications of medications as well as a diverse range of other articles on psychological and social issues relevant to psychiatry. In the latter group Brandemihl covers the USA healthcare system.  I found that Brandemihl selects very interesting articles particularly those relating to cognition which is relevant not only to ADHD but a number of other psychiatric conditions. The other type of article is aimed at the lay audience and consists for instance of tips about lifestyle although these are much less frequent. Brandemihl uses many sources for his articles and keeps a finger on the pulse of developments in psychiatry and I would recommend this blog to those with an interest in this area


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