Blog Review: AJNR Blog

The blog reviewed here is ‘The American Journal of Neuroradiology‘ Blog. The outlay is simple with articles displayed in the central pane with black text on white background. The left hand pane contains links to the blog’s archives as well as categories of articles helping the reader to navigate. The right hand pane shows links to recent and most viewed posts. Here the editor-in-chief of the journal introduces the blog and explains some of the aims and suggests that the readers can engage in a more informal virtual space. There are also references to articles of interest in other journals such as this post which includes a link to an article about visualising the collateral arterial blood circulation or this post which includes links to an article on the possible significance of T2 weighted white matter lesions (an association with reduced cerebral blood flow was identified) or this post linking to an article published on MR findings in Wernicke’s encepalopathy and finding differences between those with and without alcohol abuse. What I found fascinating was that the fMRI topic discussed by Vul and colleagues (analysed here) reappears in a slightly different format in this discussion of Multiple Sclerosis imaging studies perhaps suggesting that there a much broader discussion of the use of phenemonological/physiological correlates and statistical analysis of imaging studies might have profound ramifications. Here we see that the blog is doing something else very interesting – engaging with the readership resulting in the assembly of clinical useful material and demonstrating a Web 2.0 phenomenon. This is an interesting blog which is meant to be read in conjunction with ‘The American Journal of Neuroradiology’. There is lots of interesting material which is of particular relevance to neuropsychiatry and there are interesting discussions by the editor-in-chief on a range of topics including open access.


While looking through this blog I found a link to another useful site which contains neuroradiology cases of the day – ACR Case in Point.


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  1. This is by far the best looking site I’ve seen! It was completely easy to navigate and it was easy to look for the information I needed! Fantastic layout and great content!! Every site should have that!


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