Podcast Review: Betts on Jungian Analytic Psychology #23

The podcast reviewed here is the 23rd in John Betts series on Jungian Analytic Psychology and freely available here. He answers a question about how a complex is activated and outlines the ways in which a complex is triggered and how the person may respond to the activation of the complex. A number of listeners from afar afield as India and Brazil have written to Betts and given very favourable feedback. He answers questions relating to recurrent dream, the anima and animus, synchronicity and an analysis of the film Cloverfield (where the reader has provided an interpretation)! He gives a use for typology in social situations  (see also this earlier podcast on typology by Betts). There is also a response from a Betts also discusses how donations can be made for the podcast as he explains that there is a hosting fee. There is a very interesting response from one reader who describes a Jungian virtual community ‘Useless Science‘ who are trying to push Jungian theory into the 21st century with criticism and integration with other theories such as evolutionary theory. This is a very interesting community who communicate with each other through the use of an online forum. I had a look at some of the topics that were covered (at the time of writing) and these included differentiating the shadow, an analysis of the Gnostic myth of Sophia and evolutionary thinking about archetypes to name just a few. While this episode is dealing with feedback from listeners, it was interesting to see the impact that Betts has had on so many people from such a variety of places and backgrounds and in turn how these people were able to bring many useful insights back to the Podcast. The link to the community above was particularly useful.


You can listen to this post on Odiogo by clicking on this link (there may be a small delay between publishing of the blog article and the availability of the podcast).


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