Stigma. Worse Than Psychosis

I have had the great privilege of writing a foreward for a new book by Jason Tune titled ‘Stigma. Worse than Psychosis’  which is available in both paperback (here) and e-book formats (here) from publisher Chimpunka. Jason has written courageously about his experiences of the stigma associated with a mental illness so that he can give hope to others who are in a similar position. Jason has gone from strength to strength and as he writes in the book is now working as a STAR (Support Time and Recovery) worker. The book is cowritten by Martin Warburton who has included a chapter about his own experience of stigma which complements Jason’s story. Finally, for people who aren’t familiar with the publisher Chipmunka, they focus (although not exclusively) on publishing books by people who have experienced mental illnesses and to quote from their site ‘so that we can give more people a voice and change the way the world thinks about mental health’. There will be more here on Jason’s book in the future!

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