Review: Review Article on Cognitive Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis


The featured paper is ‘Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of Neuropsychological and fMRI Research’ by Genova and colleagues. As the title suggests the authors examine the characteristics of cognition in Multiple Sclerosis. I could not identify a stated methodology. However the authors cite 140 papers throughout the paper which is reflected in both the breadth and depth of  relevant material covered. Broadly speaking the paper is divided into a section on neuropsychological profiles and another on the findings in functional MRI studies. In terms of neuropsychological profiling, the authors cover constructs ranging from working memory through to fatigue. They focus on the relationship of processing speed to a number of other constructs and suggest that clarifying this relationship further would be an important aim for future research as it would have implications for therapeutic strategies. Essentially if processing speed impacts on working memory and complex task completion then research in this area would be expected to inform therapeutic strategies. On the other hand, if there are confounders then they suggest that this would necessitate multiple treatment approaches. The authors explain a number of concepts as they cover material and I found this quite helpful. I find that this approach works really well in review articles and more so in those that cover many domains. With regards to fMRI studies, the authors emphasise the neuropsychology. Again their arguments are easier to follow as the article is to some extent self-contained allowing referencing to previously explained concepts. The authors draw attention to some of the conflicting findings in the field and the reader is able to use this information to facilitate selection and interpretation of future studies in this area.

The authors have written a clear exposition of the subject, carefully explaining important concepts and leaving the impression that the subject has been comprehensively covered in the neuropsychological domain. The relevance of processing speed to cognitive dysfunction looks to be one of the big questions in this field at the moment.


Genova H M, Sumowksi J F, Chiaravalloti N, Voelbel G T and DeLuca J. Cognition in multiple sclerosis: a review of neuropsychological and fMRI research.


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