Review: We’re Only Human

The blog reviewed here is ‘We’re Only Human‘ by Wray Herbert.

Appearance and Design

At the time of writing on the left hand side of the title pane the initials APS and the words ‘Association for Psychological Science’ appear while to the right is the title – ‘We’re Only Human’. The APS initials appear at the bottom of the screen also. However I wasn’t able to find an about section. A quick google search reveals a bio on Wray Herbert who is described as having 25 years experience in writing about science and medicine and writes in a number of prestigious publications. On the right hand pane there is a link to podcasts which leads through to a website for the Association for Psychological Science. The right hand pane also contains links to past months in the archives as well as links to previous posts and an RSS feed. The background for the site is dark red, with the articles containing black text on a beige background and a brown paint-like theme running in horizontal and vertical strips across this background.


Herbert writes about articles that appear in the journal Psychological Science and effectively weaves them into a narrative through devices such as the personal anecdote and the discussion of popular films. The articles typically are a few paragraphs long and summarise the material in an easily ‘digestible’ form. Herbert also covers evolutionary psychology in a number of articles also.

  • The blog starts in May 2006 with an article on crossword puzzles and Herbert interprets an imaging study with altered activity in the visual and temporal cortices during task completion. There were a number of articles that I found interesting
  • This article discusses research suggesting some characteristics of eye gaze in a sample of older adults and the suggestion that gaze can be a means for regulating emotions
  • This article looks at a study examining the performance of autistic children and adults on cognitive tasks in comparison with a control group
  • This article looks at a study examining the effects of loneliness in young and older adults
  • An article on a study showing a link between the readability of instructions for exercise and the likelihood of carrying out exercise in a student population
  • An article on the possible evolutionary benefits of positive emotions
  • An article on research into different patterns of  internet use in adolescents with different health effects
  • An article on a study looking at the relationship between walking backwards and vigilance!
  • An article on a study looking at meaning making and Kafka


The blog is an accessible means for keeping a finger on the pulse of some of the psychology research that is coming out and which features in the journal ‘Psychological Science’. The research is varied and the articles effectively convey the meaning of the research.


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