Media Review: Social Phobia on YouTube

I’ve broadened out the podcast reviews to encompass media which include film and video particularly as there is an ever increasing amount of material on YouTube.

The topic I chose for this review is social anxiety and social phobia (or social anxiety disorder) on YouTube. I found quite a large number of videos on this topic but have just reviewed a small proportion of them here. The majority relate to social phobia and one to social anxiety and they are divided into education and experiential videos.

In this video, the lecturer gives a talk on social phobia with a case study and he also goes over some of the diagnostic criteria. He also goes over some of the treatments and is in two parts which in total runs to about 13 minutes. This cartoon features what sounded to me like adolescent narrators who explain social phobia with references to the amygdala and prefrontal cortex. The video also explains how it affects people and includes references to pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy runing to five and a half minutes. I wasn’t sure of the age of the target audience but the video is well presented and covers a lot of the basic information accessibly. This video is effectively a small number of slides displayed sequentially with background music. The slides contain some details about social phobia but I didn’t find them to be as informative as some of the other videos but this would be useful to someone who wants a rapid overview.

From the experiential perspective, there were a number of videos communicating the inner experience of social phobia. The diagnosis of social phobia is taken in good faith and the people in the videos explain what this means to them experientially. The videos can be very involved and would be orientated towards an adult audience. Certainly in putting together videos of their experiences these people are very courageous and I wondered how the nature of audience affected the social anxiety. For instance if the audience will view the video many years after it was made, how does this interact with the social anxiety? In this video, the quietangel123 has put together images and music to convey the experience of being alone although the term social anxiety disroder is used in the title. AlanJones78 narrates with a background picture about his experience of social anxiety over five minutes explaining the thoughts and feelings he has. Nayomee77 presents two videos (here and here)  on her experiences of social phobia and the difficulties she has had in trying to cope with this. These videos have generated a lot of viewings and comments.

These are just a few of the videos that I came across on YouTube but there is already quite a lot of material showing how differently people can communicate the theoretical aspects of social phobia and even how the experiences can be communicated by those suffering with social anxiety and just how much of an effect this can have on a person’s life. Communities can build up in the YouTube forum and it would be interesting to know if this is beneficial through text comments and video responses.



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