Podcast Review: Nature Podcasts

The Nature Podcasts reviewed here are of a typically high standard.  I thought the audio quality was very good. The hosts of the program speak clearly and slowly and there are helpful pauses between questions and answers which help the listener to take in the information that is being presented. In the Nature Podcast of November 19th 2009 (freely available here) there is a brief discussion of the works of Charles Darwin and the impact this had on his contemporary society. There is also a look at how Darwin’s theory of evolution spread throughout the world and some of the complexities of translating his works. In the Nature Podcast of November 26th 2009 (freely available here) there is a discussion of murine studies finding a relationship between osteoporosis and temperature regulation mediated through a protein Rank-L. There is also an interesting discussion of a study in which people were more likely to hear vowel sounds that sounded like a puff of air applied as a stimulus to their skin. The vowel sound involved pursing the lips which the researchers argue was analogous to the tactile stimulus that was applied to the skin and they speculate that sensory information from different modalities was being integrated before the decisions were made.


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