News Roundup:December 2009 2nd Edition


The New Horizons document has been published and Professor Dinesh Bhugra, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has commented here. At the recent American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) conference there was a discussion of positive findings in the treatment of gambling disorders with agents including memantine and naltrexone and different agents were used according to features such as inhibition.

Research in Dementia

On the Alzforum site there is a discussion of the not-for-profit organisation PAD2020. The goal of this organisation is to develop a method for preventing Alzheimer’s Disease by 2020. The goal of prevention was a topic at the recent Leon Thal symposium and the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease conference.


The date for release of DSM-V has been postponed to 2013. The planning for DSM-V began a decade ago*

Psychiatry 2.0

MindHacks has another Spike Activity update in which he mentions amongst other items the recent Archives in General Psychiatry paper on antidepressant effects on personality. Mental Nurse has another weekly round-up including a link to a blog post on the Approved Mental Health Professional. The Somatosphere blog reports on the medical anthropology awards which includes a book about people with dementia in nursing homes. They also have a round-up of journal articles including a paper on the relationship between the clinical investigator and the subject. In the Clinical Cases and Images blog there is a round-up of recent news articles including a link to a piece on the use of social media by healthcare professionals. Neuroanthropology has another weekly round-up which includes amongst others a link to a Diffuse Tensor Imaging study  on the effects of remediation training in 8-10 year old children. Psych Brown Bag has a review of a study in the American Journal of Psychiatry suggesting that 50% of cases of hoarding are heritable on the basis of findings in a twin study.

Evolutionary Psychiatry

A recent analysis of suggests that speciation occurs in ‘bursts’ following ‘rare event’s which opposes the view that speciation results from the gradual accumulation of small adaptations to the environment. There is a review of a new book on ‘why we cooperate’ here including the significance of the sclera in humans for detecting gaze direction.

* ICD-11 is due out in 2014.


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