Podcast Review: Mind Podcast Episodes 4-7

The podcast reviewed here is the Mind Podcast. In the 4th podcast in the series which is part 1 of 2 about the brain (available here) Hoeve gives an overview of the brain with a brief discussion of anatomical structures, very brief functions for different parts of the brain and imaging studies that are used to investigate brain function. He also covers the case of H.M who developed anterograde amnesia after a bilateral temporal lobectomy. Hoeve has noted in a previous episode of the podcast series that he has created these podcasts as he is studying and I think these podcasts are a useful starting point for further reading giving orientation to the field. His podcasts are specifically aimed at those studying psychology. I thought that a neat feature of the podcasts was the Baroque music playing in the background although there are some listeners who prefer to separate background music from educational material. In part 2 of the series about the brain (available here) he has interestingly created an accompanying mindmap to represent the information. He gives a broad overview of the structure of the cerebral cortex with some accompanying functions for each area including the sensory and motor homunculi as well as Broca’s area In the third part of the series (available here) he has a basic overview of the endocrine system. Melatonin is replaced with melanin and I thought there was a slightly different pronunciation of the Pineal gland. He also discusses genetics towards the end of the podcast. Again this is relatively brief introductory material that is useful for those new to this area. Hoeve has an easygoing manner and creates some pleasant introductory material.

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