Podcast Review: Mind Podcast Episodes 7 and 8

The podcasts reviewed here are two episodes in the series of the Mind Podcast. The podcaster Hoeves provides another good introduction in the 7th episode and this time looks at vision. He gives an overview of the wavelengths of visible light before turning to the basic anatomy of the eye and briefly covers the transmission of signals through the retina and into the visual cortex. He uses other terms for structures commonly referred to as the Optic Chiasm and the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus but otherwise his relaxed approach and background music provide the listener with a pleasant and basic introduction to the subject of vision. In the 8th episode, Hoeves looks at the physiology of the visual apparatus covering the principles of dark adaptation, lateral inhibition as well as colour blindness. Again Hoeves provides a basic introduction to the subject and does so in an engaging style.


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