Podcast Review: Mind Podcast Episodes 9 and 10

The podcast reviewed here is the Mind Podcast. In episode 9 Hoeve looks at hearing. This is a brief episode in which Hoeve introduces the reader to the auditory system covering the basic anatomy and physiology as well as looking at conductive and sensorineural deafness. In terms of the physiology he discusses the theories of neural coding of auditory information according to the position of the nerve cells as well as their firing frequency. In episode 10, Hoeve looks at taste and smell. He suggests that by listening to a large number of podcasts on psychology the listener can become a psychologist but I suspect that this is his sense of humour which would be in keeping with his relaxed style. This is a very brief episode and there is a focus on a few interesting findings about each – the adaptation of taste, the number of taste receptors, gender differences in sensitivity to certain smells and the effect of solutions on subsequent experience of ‘neutral’ taste stimuli. Again Hoeve provides a basic and very relaxed introduction to the material. I think for more advance listeners it can be useful to go over some of the basic concepts again as there is always scope for reinterpreting the basics after having assimilated more advanced knowledge depending on the listener’s needs.


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