Podcast Review: MindPodcast Episodes 13 and 14

The podcasts reviewed here are the 13th and 14th episodes in Hoegen’s MindPodcast series. In Episode 13 (available here), Hoegens discusses perception. He looks initially and very briefly at agnosia before turning to Gestalt theory. Hoegens discusses figure-ground articulation with reference to a polar bear in the ice. He also looks at several gestalt principles including proximity and closeness  using the example of moving lights. The link to the grouping principle wasn’t working at the time of testing but there is an interesting post for further reading over at Scholarpedia (see here). In Episode 14 (available here) Hoevens looks at a number of perceptual theories – using templates, top down and bottom up approaches. Hoeven’s material in this episode is very good and he’s obviously read widely around this subject which is also quite abstract but of relevance to many areas. He details the use of templates and points out one of the difficulties with this theory. He then looks at a number of variations on the bottom-up theories proposed by people such as Marr before finishing with a look at top down approaches and the mixing of the two in practice. 1 of the 5 links in the post was broken which is remarkable given that the post was published in 2005! The links provide the reader with examples of optical illusions to support the main material. Hoegens retains the familiar and effective formula of a relaxed discussion with Baroque music playing quietly in the background.


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