Social Psychiatry Articles Reviewed to Date

Here is a list of articles that i’ve included under the heading of social psychiatry. Broadly speaking they include reviews of policy documents, cultural psychiatry and epidemiology (strictly speaking it could be included under biological psychiatry but i’ve included them here because the data is considered at the population level). Where the titles are self-explanatory there isn’t an accompanying description.

DOH Documents Reviewed

Attitudes to Mental Illness 2010 DOH document

Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2009 DOH document

Autism Strategy – Impact Assessment – DOH document

NHS Operating Framework for 2010/2011 – DOH document

New Horizons. Towards a Shared Vision of the Future DOH document on new 10-year plan for mental health services

Estimating Future Numbers of Adults with Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities in England DOH document based on research

Modernising Mental Health Services for People who are Deaf DOH document

Developing Services for Carers and Families of People with Mental Illness DOH document

Topic Selection Process for Technology Appraisals DOH document

Consultation Response and Analysis. National Dementia Strategy DOH document on National Dementia Strategy

Mental Health Advocates Supplementary Guide DOH document

Mental Health Ten Years On DOH document reviewing progress on the National Service Framework for Mental Health

National Service Framework for Mental Health 1999 DOH document outlining 10-year plan for mental health services

Commissioning and Access to Psychological Therapies – DOH document in IAPT services

The Journey to Recovery – The Government’s Vision for Mental Health Care

The National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE) – Establishing a Mental Health Network DOH document on the MHRN

Mental Health Review Tribunal Report – Review of aspects of mental health tribunal administration over a specific time period

Mental Health Taskforce: An Introduction DOH document overviewing the mental health taskforce.

Choosing Health DOH document on supporting the physical health needs of people with mental illness.

Making the CPA Work for You DOH booklet explaining the CPA to service users.

Breaking Down Barriers DOH document looking at changes in mental health services.

Mental Capacity Act 2005. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. DOH Consultation Document on the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

Medicines Management: Everybody’s Business. DOH document by service users on medication issues.

DOH Guidance on cCBT. DOH document on use of computerised CBT.

ECT Survey in England – January-March 2002. Survey of ECT practice in the UK.

Best Practice in Managing Risk. DOH document on managing risk.

Action on Stigma. Department of Health’s campaign against mental health discrimination in the workplace.

Transforming the Quality of Dementia Care Consultation on a National Dementia Strategy

Capabilities for Inclusive Practice DOH document looking at a component of the National Social Inclusions Program (NSIP)

Global Perspective

Global Mental Health Series – Commentaries. Global Mental Health Series.

Barriers to Development of Services. Global Mental Health Series.

Mental Health Systems in Countries. Global Mental Health Series.

Treatment and Prevention in Low and Middle Income Countries. Global Mental Health Series.

Scarcity, inefficiency and inequity. Global Mental Health Series.

No Health without Mental Health. Lancet Global Mental Health Series.

Prevalence of Schizophrenia in China. Large epidemiological study in China.

Developing Mental Health Services in Nigeria. Paper about developing mental health services in Nigeria.

The Influence of Culture on Psychiatry in China. This post looks at a paper on prevalence of depression in China.

Mental Health Perspectives from the Carribean Diaspora – Article on factors influencing mental health in the Carribean Diaspora

Mental Health Services in Mexico

Dementia and Related Conditions

Risk Factors for Dementia

Physical Activity and the Risk of Neurodegenerative Disease

Dementia and It’s Implications for Public Health

Social Networks and their Role in Preventing Dementia

Religious Education, Midlife Observance and Dementia. Longitudinal study looking at religious education and lifestyle interactions with dementia.

Comparability of the Diagnostic Criteria for Vascular Dementia – Article reviewing diagnostic criteria for VaD

The Genetic Epidemiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Accuracy of Prevalence Rates in Multiple Sclerosis

Huntington Disease in County Donegal Epidemiological Study

Mental Health Informatics

Prescriber Attitudes Towards PDA-Prescription-Assistive Technology

Ubiquitous Healthcare Service Using Mobile Phone Technology

The Use of Health Information Technology in Seven Nations

The Alignment of Information Systems with Organisational Objectives and Strategies in Health Care

YouTube and Neurological Knowledge

Mobile and Fixed Computer Use by Doctors and Nurses on Hospital Wards

Why is there Paper in the Paperless System?

Junior Physician’s Use of Web 2.0 for Information Seeking and Medical Education. A Qualitative Study

Can Wireless Text-Messaging Improve Adherence to Preventive Activities?

Web 2.0 Tools in Medical and Nursing School Curricula

Software Support for Huntington’s Disease

Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: Tensions and Controversies

Using the Internet for Health Related Activities


The Social Origins of Folk Epidemiology

Selection Effects in Psychiatric Epidemiology

Liaison Services

Comparison of Psychosomatic Clinic with Community and Inpatient Liaison Services

A Primary Care Psychiatry Program Australian paper on Primary Care Psychiatry

Comparison of Consultation-Liaison Services in the United States and Japan

Health Impact of Social Connectedness

Social Buffering Relief from Stress and Anxiety

The Social Connectedness of Older Adults: A National Profile

History of Psychiatry

Research in the Field of Psychiatry Article from 1969

What Should Psychiatrists Be Doing in the 1980’s? Interesting look back in time

A History of Human Brain Mapping Interesting article on the history of the field of human brain mapping


Bridging the Divide Between Science and Journalism

Vocational Services for People with Severe Mental Health Problems

Factors influencing children being taken into care. A large Swedish registry study looking at factors influencing children being taken into care.

Unemployment, social isolation and psychosis. Study looking at the interaction between unemployment, social isolation and psychosis.

Modelling Disease Frequency in Schizophrenia Epidemiology. Paper looking at building mathematical models for use in epidemiology of schizophrenia.

The Growth of PTSD in Anxiety Research. Study looking at the number of research articles published in this area over time.

Exposure to ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland influences the presentation of Schizophrenia. Paper looking at the interaction between traumatic exposure and presentation of schizophrenia.

Community Treatment Orders. Review of a debate about Community Treatment Orders.

Demoralisation Syndrome. Review of a study examining the construct of a demoralisation syndrome.

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