Evolutionary Psychiatry – Video Footage

I’ve just been getting more primate video footage with the kind permission of Twycross Zoo (well worth a visit!). As I have an interest in Evolutionary Psychiatry, I thought it would be useful to gain a better understanding of our nearest living relatives, other primates. That’s not the sole reason – as these are beautiful creatures in their own right and it can be great fun getting to know some of their idiosyncrasies. Some of the highlights of the trip were seeing our nearest relatives, the Chimpanzees and Bonobos. It was particularly interesting to see Jambo, the naked chimpanzee who suffers from Alopecia. Obviously in moving from Chimpanzees to humans we have lost our fur. Jambo has lost much of his fur and has a son who also has alopecia. Could this have been the path from our chimpanzee concestor to modern humans? Although genetics might hold the key to an understanding of this, we might never know but apparently from close study of Jambo, there were not thought to be any effects of the alopecia on his behaviour. Another highlight were the Bonobos which have diverged from Chimpanzee after the divergence from the human lineage. During my relatively short period of observation, I saw them in engaging in various behaviours. One intriguing observation which is shown in one of the clips is a more dominant Bonobo taking a running kick at another one (which sounds worse than it appears). What is interesting about this is that the Bonobo chose a trajectory that put it in the intended position and then launched the kick at exactly the right point as it was ‘running’ past demonstrating planning and precise motor control in order to achieve the presumed goals. I have included the footage below but it can also be accessed on the YouTube channel which is linked to at the bottom of this article.



  • Bonobos peering through at another group of Bonobos in a neighbouring enclosure.




New World Monkeys

Silvery Marmoset

White Fronted Marmoset

Emperor Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin with Black Eared Tamarin

Spider Monkey

Black Howler Monkey

Old World Monkeys

Lowes Guenon Monkey

Roloway Monkeys Grooming

Black and White Colobus Monkey

Crowned Guenon Monkeys Grooming


Red Bellied Lemur

Crowned Lemur

Ring-Tailed Lemur

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