Stream of Consciousness

I found this interesting video on YouTube after posting an earlier Meditations video when I was experimenting with introspection. One subscriber had linked to another channel with videos of  ‘Streams of Consciousness’ or SoC for short. When I looked into this, I found something that was very interesting. Essentially the video is a compilation of people from a variety of backgrounds reading prose. Each person reads a small portion. Then end result is fascinating.

Here for example is ‘The Wreck of the Hesperus‘ read by SoC. My initial impression was that I maybe couldn’t understand the flow of the poem as well as I might with a single reader as I would have to adjust slightly as each new reader was introduced. Perhaps I might not hear the initial part of the new verse as clearly on adjusting to the new readers  pitch, volume and accent. However what was really very interesting was just hearing so many different people bringing their interpretation to the prose in a very raw way. In effect the SoC is about the narrators as much as it is about the prose. In this particular piece, the background effects of wind add an ominous atmosphere to the piece. Anyway I think this is a really great idea. Here are links to a few more of the videos the group have created

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  1. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…


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