News Round-Up: June 2010 1st Edition

Research news this week includes the benefits of ‘friendly humour’ on mortality, research studies using the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative paradigm to compare data and the outcome of an international consensus group on antipsychotic dosing schedules. Analysis of 8 million year old fossils suggests that the ancestor of Homo Erectus would have had a diet of fish and crocodiles and that this may have been associated with an increase in brain volume (although Chimpanzees are omnivorous also).

  1. Chinese study showing prevalence of cigarette smoking in people with schizophrenia lower than in western studies
  2. Discontinuation and reinitiation rates of ACHEI’s in Australian cohort
  3. Benefits of mental health staff in homeless services for identifying mental illness in homeless
  4. Call in Australia for research and development of mental health services for indigenous australians
  5. Not open access but apparently new wiki guide on mental health
  6. Memory and executive dysfunction not account for by COMT expression in 22qll.2 deletion syndrome
  7. Profiles of Australian antipsychotic use – increased in older women with dementia
  8. Neat – Australian study aligning fMRI data with US Alzheimers Disease Neuorimaging Initiative
  9. Freud in Australia – sparring with Jung even before they went their own ways
  10. Short (6-week) small study (n=105) looking at combination antidep for depression from outset
  11. Small 50 week fluox. bipolar II study without evidence of increased switching to hypomania
  12. International consensus on antipsychotic dosing schedule
  13. Functional assessment may be sensitive for mild cog impairment from this study
  14. Lacunes with depression assoc with higher mortality in this study of older adults (n=499)
  15. Reduced mortality benefits of self-rated friendly humour in large, longitudinal study

Human Evolution/Cultural Development

  1. Determining ape evolution from environmental clues secondary to antelope teeth wear patterns 8 million years ago
  2. 58,000 year old glue and colour production in Southern Africa
  3. Fossil evidence suggests that fish and crocodiles feature in diet of Homo Erectus ancestors
  4. Earliest British Neanderthal artefacts dated to 100,00 years ago although controversial
  5. Article discussing age of Saraswat communities in India

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