News Round-Up: June 2010

As the World Cup action is underway this week, I’ve added a medical(ish) section at the end on football which links to a number of papers in this area. There is a particularly interesting paper on watching stressful matches which emphasises some of the potential risks and the authors comment on the implications. There are also articles on dehydrated referees, headaches in footballers (literal not metaphorical) and a potential role of coaches as mental health advocates. In the main news there has been a recent paper on the genetics of autism which has been widely reported (3) and the mechanism underlying the action of the Presenilin 1 gene which leads to pre-senile Alzheimer’s Disease has been identified (1). Personal genomics is a fast emerging area with an ambitious plan to sequence 100,000 genomes (17). However there was a recent alleged mix-up in which the information on several people’s genomes were sent to the wrong recipients (13). Meanwhile the Frontier Psychiatrist reports on a recent conference in which recruitment into psychiatry was discussed.

  1. Mechanism of presenilin gene action in pre-senile Alzheimer’s Diseaes cracked
  2. The Coalition against Major Diseases is setting up a database to share research on neurodegenerative diseases.
  3. Neat article on the genetics of autism
  4. Study estimates more deaths at weekends in hospitals – suggests reason
  5. Cognitive decline in people with diabetes more rapid than control group in longitudinal study reported here.
  6. Free paper on insular cortex response to SSRI’s in healthy volunteers
  7. Meta-analysis of monotherapy in bipolar disorder
  8. Free paper – small study showing association between reduced glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) in PFC and MDD
  9. Good response to Lithium in Bipolar Disorder is associated with normal BDNF levels
  10. PET study finds quetiapine binds preferentially at extrastriatal D2/3R’s similar to Clozapine
  11. BDNF Val66Met SNP rs6265 significantly associated with verbal memory in Swiss study n=333
  12. Evidence suggesting that Ghrelin secreted in brain regulates cholesterol levels
  13. Personal genomics data mix-up.
  14. Scientific American article describing evidence supporting the scanning hypothesis of REM sleep.
  15. A discussion of advances in computational visual neuroscience with a video interview.
  16. Brief article on integrating genomics into doctors visits.
  17. The plan to sequence 100,000 genomes.
  18. At least 2000 missing gene sequences in the reference human genome.
  19. Jumping genes vary between individuals
  20. Cardio Trace Monitors used to assess arterial stiffness – might have widespread applications.

Resources –  Review Articles

  1. Free r/v article on the science of mediation
  2. Subscription r/v article on ‘core’ social cognitive neuroscience processes
  3. Subscription r/v article on cross-cultural organisational behaviour
  4. Subscription r/v article on cognition in organisations
  5. R/V article on the evolution of empathy
  6. Subscription r/v article on grounded cognition
  7. Subscription r/v article – the science of personnel selection
  8. Subscription r/v article on the concept of short-term memory
  9. Subscription r/v article on why the laws of memory haven’t stood the test of time
  10. Free article on neuropsychological assessment of dementia
  11. Free r/v article on children’s construction of concepts
  12. Subscription r/v article on theories of leadership
  13. Subscription r/v article on relation between speech, reading and language disorders
  14. Free r/v article on emotions
  15. Subscription r/v on comparative social cognition
  16. Subscription r/v article on evolution of intention and actions
  17. Subscription r/v article on research into close relationships
  18. Subscription r/v article on creativity
  19. R/V article on the empirical investigation of negotiation
  20. Subscription r/v article on emotional and social aging
  21. Subscription r/v article on cognitive neural prosthetics
  22. Subscription r/v article – concepts needed for investigating love
  23. Subscription r/v article on possible role of hippocampus in imagination and prediction!
  24. R/V article – ‘multidimensional’ odours
  25. 2007 r/v article of copper and iron disorders of the brain
  26. R/V article on ventral tegmental area and reward
  27. R/V article of orbitofrontal cortex and decision-making.
  28. Free 2007 article on medial temporal lobe and recognition memory
  29. Free 2007 r/v article on glia in blood-brain barrier function
  30. 2008 r/v article on cerebellum function
  31. 2008 r/v article on place and grid cells
  32. Free r/v article on passive v active immunity tx for neurodegenerative disorders
  33. Free r/v – mechanisms of face perception
  34. Free r/v article on primate auditory cortex
  35. R/V of numbers in the brain – evidence that numbers represented in animals
  36. R/V of diffuse tensor imaging and neuroanatomy
  37. R/V of serotonin and affect – asymmetry of reward & punishment
  38. Free r/v article by Woolf on neuropathic pain
  39. Free r/v article – monoamines and prefrontal cortex
  40. R/V cerebellum and non-motor function
  41. Free article – advances in microscopy for neuroscience
  42. Apparently subplate neurons may be particularly susceptible to injury in foetal development
  43. R/V of subplate in neural development
  44. R/V of emotion in amygdala and pfc
  45. R/V of prefrontal cortex in moral judgement
  46. R/V of connectn between nervous & vascular systems
  47. R/V molecular pathways in frontotemporal lobar degeneration
  48. Article – why do we still have maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA?
  49. Free article – r/v of chromatin structure and function
  50. Free article – rv of p kinase degradation by ubiquitination
  51. Free article – super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
  52. Cholesterol turnover in the brain – free article
  53. R/V of zinc fingers and genome manipulation
  54. Unnatural amino acids
  55. R/V of Mitochondrial DNA mutation and aging
  56. Review of screening of genomes with RNA interference

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