News Round-Up: June 2010 4th Edition

In this edition of the news round-up, i’ve experimented by creating the piece in video format complete with music. Let me know if its a more useful format.

In the news round-up, there is evidence of health benefits from looking after an older adult spouse who is sick, an fMRI study that uses analysis of group combinations to make predictions about behaviour as well as an association between regional cerebral blood flow in the right inferior parietal lobe and anosognosia in Alzheimer’s Disease.

  1. Subscription review article on mutation database for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  2. fMRI study showing evidence that people who are blind have similar brain regions involved in tool manipulation to people who are not blind
  3. Factors contributing towards improving relationships in older adults
  4. Most concussions estimated to deliver 95G’s
  5. REM sleep deprivation associated with chronic migraine
  6. Study suggests differing degrees of disfigurement may be associated with similar levels of distress
  7. Caring for sick elderly spouse associated with well-being
  8. Predicting behaviour using fMRI and analysis of group combinations identifies m.pfc cortex activity
  9. Subscription review suggesting that dopamine may be related to apathy in Alzheimer’s Disease
  10. Small 3T MRI study finds disinhibition associated with grey matter reduction in Bilateral Cingulus & R.M.F gyri, delusions with R.Hippocampus in Alzheimer’s Disease
  11. 15 object test useful in discriminating MCI and AD and assoc with activity in bilat Posterior Cingulate & Right Temporal pole
  12. Small study (n=42) shows reduced regional cerebral blood flow in right inferior parietal lobe and anosognosia in Alzheimer’s Disease
  13. Subscription article – review of exercise and MCI and Alzheimer’s Disease
  14. Small short open label DPZ trial in Alz D shows 1.8 pt improvement in MMSE
  15. APOE4 status has higher assoc with memory dysfunction predominant form of Alz D than executive dysfunction type
  16. ACHEI dose and level of functioning assoc with nursing home admission in people with Alzheimer’s Disease
  17. Case study of cerebral amyloid angiopathy and amyloid beta vacc
  18. Subscription review article on gamma secretase inhibitors for alzheimer’s disease – still at phase III clinical trials
  19. Neuroinflammation and Parkinson’s Disease
  20. Resveratrol converts harmful forms of ABeta peptides in vitro
  21. New radioisotope with longer half-life than PIB for use in Alzheimer’s Disease research
  22. Hyperploid neurons more likely to undergo cell death in Alzheimer’s Disease
  23. Association between Vitamin D status and cognitive function in older adults

Evolutionary Psychiatry – Human Evolution

There was a study at Twycross zoo showing evidence that Orang-Utan gestures may signal intention I visited Twycross Zoo earlier this year and took some footage of the Orang Utans. In the clip below, I would argue that the Orang-Utan is using a tool – in this case a hammock – to gain the other’s attention.

  1. 3.6 my old A Afarensis partial skeleton
  2. Computer simulation and teeth analysis suggest Neanderthal human divergence 1/2 million years earlier
  3. Orang utan learning to swim
  4. Chimpanzees engage in territorial warfare

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