News Round-Up: July 2010 2nd Edition

This report highlights recent research findings on biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease Names influence career choice in children Study -prior brain size not atrophy related to cognition in community dwelling older adults – open access Ginko Biloba in dementia – meta-analysis shows efficacy compared to placebo – open access Evidence for efficacy of tool that measures pain in non-verbal population – (open access) Study shows association between depression and dementia – others also do although the relationship is complex A lady with panic disorder is reported to have spent 4 months in a hospital car park highlighting the morbidity that can be associated with this disorder. Slowed reading speed found with an e-reader v printed book in one study

Psychiatry 2.0

Mind Hacks has another Spike Activity installment which includes a link to a Neuroskeptic piece on musical hallucinations. At All in the Mind, there is an excellent post on the legacy of H.M. A closer examination of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Dr Shock looks at gender differences in panic disorder. Following on from the recent talk by Fiona Godlee (see review here) there is an interest post at the AJNR blog on bias and editorials. There is an interesting piece on empathy and Oxytocin at the Brains on Purpose blog. Discussion of a sporting link to chronic traumatic encephalopathy at the Neuropathology blog. A discussion of impact factors at the O’Really blog. A study suggesting people like to keep busy. An Implantable Miniature Telescope for age related macular degeneration has just got FDA approval. Review of a study on sleep disorders in Multiple Sclerosis. Neurodiversity at the Mouse Trap blog. A look at Soda taxes at the Frontal Cortex blog. A sociologist’s perspective on what makes a good meeting (including rules for meetings). Allan’s Library features a post reviewing a video on how social media can be used in academic courses. The future of books at Ars Psychiatrica. At the Wolfram Alpha blog it’s World Population Day – using the program the current global population is…6,871,453140. The Library of Congress is archiving tweets. Twitter and the semantic web covered here. This is a very good video – worth watching.

Evolutionary Psychiatry/Human Evolution

There has been a lot of media coverage of the recent finding of stone tools suggesting that a human ancestor was present in Norfolk approximately 800,000 years ago. This raises all sorts of questions. For instance, if the environment was similar to present day Scandinavia then how would they survive without clothing? If they did use clothing that would be fairly significant as this is nearly 1 million years ago and would force a reappraisal of milestones in development of human intelligence. There is a video interview with the archaeologists here John Hawks looks at the recent suggestion that the Neanderthal had very powerful musculature and challenges some of the assumptions about hormones by referring to the recently sequenced Neanderthal genome. At the Primatology blog there is a great article on whether animals keep pets. There is a discussion of a paper on personality in non-human primates here. Was Leonardo Da Vinci the pioneer of palaentology? … no – he was preceded by Mayans by 1000 years!


Paper on oxidative stress in Alzheimer’s Disease – open access

Study investigating kraeplin dichotomy of schizophrenia and depression (open access)

Review of biological insights into antisocial personality (open access)

Paper about conducting research in older adults in nursing homes – open access

Study – falls after discharge following inpatient fall – open access

Gait in mild cognitive impairment – open access

Executive function and gait in older women – open access

Dipstick analysis and detection of UTI’s – open access study

Study – potentially innappropriate prescribing in German older adults – open access

Cognitive health in UK and American older adults – open access

MELSHA study – examining medication side effects – open access

Motor skills training and attention in older adults – open access

Effectiveness of counselors actively contacting dementia caregivers – open access

Transfer from secondary to primary care – open access

New approach to examining physical activity in older adults – open access

Using self-rated measures to predict mortality – 10 year f/u study – open access

Effects of reminiscence in 10 Danish nursing homes – open access

Cognitive function and mortality in US National Cohort – open access

Prospective study on innappropriate prescribing in older adults – open access

Lewy Body Pathology without dementia and functioning – open access

Executive functioning and quality of life in older women – open access

A national survey of nursing homes – open access

Commentary on innappropriate prescribing in elderly – open access

Risks, ethics and science in China

Decoy pseudogenes

Cog function after antid. tx in late-life depression – subscription article

Positive mental aging – subscription article

Position statement on disaster preparedness in US older adults – subscription article

Resting paralimbic metabolism in older adults with BPD – subscription article

Medial temporal atrophy and amnestic MCI

Older adult antid. & executive function study – subscription article

AD prospective study on incident depression & anxiety in spouses – subscription article

Paper on stigma and Alzheimer’s Disease – subscription article

Pilot study of exergames for older adults with subsyndromal depression – subscription article

Relationship between pre-and post-cva depression examined – subscription article

Study investigating methylphenidate for apathy in AD – subs article

Systematic review – cognitive interventions in MCI – subscription article

Investigation of memantine and regional cortical metabolism in AD

BNDF variant and hippocampal volume in late-life depression – subscription article

Study investigating SSRI in AD – subscription article

Subcortical white matter lesions and euthymia in older adults – DTI – subscription article

Study on prevalence of MCI according to classification – subscription article

DTI and postoperative delirium

Subscription article – Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration – benign and malignant forms

Subscription article – meta-analysis of ethnic differences in dementia care and research

Subs article – study on depresive sx and incident dementia in older women

Paper on algorithm for discriminating MCI, dementia and normal cognition

Paper on weight mood interactions in later life – subscription article

Subs article on late-life depression and TIA’s

Study on thyroid disorders in older adults with affective disorders – subscription article

Rotterdam study – retinal vessel calibre and late-life depression – subs article

Successful aging – qualitative study in older adults

Subs article – emotional processing in late-life depression

Heart rate variability in depressed elderly – free paper

Study of function, cv med interactions in AD – free article

Alzheimer’s Disease study investigating psychosocail interventions effects on caregiver depression

Study investigating geriatric depression scale – screening performance

Executive functioning and late-life depression – free article

Study investigating symptomatic remission in older adults with schizophrenia – free article

Anxiety symptoms and sleep quality in older women – free article

Meta-analysis of behavioural approaches to late-life anxiety – free article

Apoe4 and depression interactions in older adults

Melatonin trial for insomnia in people with Alzheimer’s Disease – free article

Meta-analysis of FHx of depression and post-stroke depression – free article

Patterns of MCI after depression tx in older adults

Study on visual hallucinations in dementia – free article

5 approaches to defining mild cognitive impairment – free article

Symptom profiles in depressed older adults – free article

Modular psychotherapy for older adults with depression – free article

Insomnia in older adults with generalised anxiety disorder – free article

Baltimore epidemiological catchment area follow-up – service use

Alzheimer’s Disease study investigates counselling in spouse caregivers

Free article – depression and dementia interface

Cognitive profiling in Parkinson’s Disease – Free article

The psychotropic effects of jasmine are discussed in this paper

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