Blog Review: Princeton Psychiatrist Blog

The blog reviewed here is titled the Princeton Psychiatrist blog. The author is Dr Yitzhak Shnaps, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry based in Princeton, New Jersey who also includes a biography on the homepage.

Appearance and Design

The blog is part of a website relating to a practice and there is built-in-navigation to the other parts of the website in the homepage. The blog features a green background, title header with a rural theme and a central beige pane for the articles. Articles are dated, comment enabled and category tagged. The blog posts can be accessed using several features on the right side of the central pane – a search box, category labels and recent posts. Recent comments are also listed. Article tend to contain useful links to external resources for further reading.


There were six articles at the time of writing. The first that I could identify is this piece reviewing a model of autism that has been developed by Dr Dorit Shalom which is based on Damasio’s model of emotional processing (see review of Damasio’s book Descartes Error here as well as this interview with Cole Biting who has developed an understanding of literature based on Damasio as well as Craig’s development of a model of the insular cortex which draws on Damasio’s work and is reviewed here, here and here) but has four components including theory of mind and motor skills and suggesting a relationship with the medial prefrontal cortex. In this article, Shnaps writes about integrated care in the context of psychopharmacology with reference to a recent piece by Dr Carlat.


This is a recent and useful addition to the psychiatry blogosphere featuring a concise and accessible account of recent research that also demonstrates the author’s breadth of knowledge in the field.

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