News Round-Up: July 2010 3rd Edition

In the news this week, the Department of Health have released a new White paper, in the US the Alzheimer’s Association has published a new website which educates the public about research in this area and recent research has clarified the role of the disrupted in schizophrenia 1 gene (DISC1) further.



Service Related

Health white paper for the NHS discussed here


Cog performance and self-reported functioning in PD (open access)


Therapist competence benefit in cognitive therapy

Basic Sciences


Experimental drug pc73 and preservation of memory function

Cognitive Psychology

Working memory skills important in piano accomplishment

Problem solving ability associated with bullying and being bullied in childhood


Report on study showing association between executive function and bilingualism

Word-association tasks and relationship break-ups!


More on an important fossil primate find

Gorillas playing tag?

Psychiatry 2.0

Blog Round-Up

Dr Shock links to a video on the empathic civilisation, Shrink Rap have got onto facebook, Psychotherapy Browne Bag take a closer look at one aspect of psychotherapy, Mind Hacks has another Spike Activity Round-up.

Twitter Round-Up

Here are some of my favourite tweets from the last week.

@Anarchyswan: Human Evolution Recapped in Kids’ Brain Growth
@NeuroNow: Maturing thalamocortical functional connectivity across development.: …

@NeuroNow: Identifying Basal Ganglia divisions in individuals using resting-state functional connectivity …

@BICloudSoftware: Professor Predicts The Cloud Will Be More Important Than The Net – Hot Hardware

@SandwichINK: RT @matthewbjohnson: Alzheimer’s Association Launches New “Research Center” Website to Expand ..

@NeurologyNow: New Guideline: MRI Better Than CT Scans at Diagnosing Stroke, (Note: American Academy of Neurology)

@psydir: Why (smart) practice makes perfect

@LabSpaces: Researchers identify gene mutation that causes rare form of deafness –

@vaughanbell: We over-estimate how much our friends agree with our political views. via @David_Dobbs

@BoraZ: Conflict of Interest is not unique to corporate blogging

@DrBermant: Twitter Doctors, a directory of the most influential doctors on Twitter, updated hourly

@DrShock: New blog post: ECT Hands On Experience

@edyong209: Genes from Arctic bacteria used to create new vaccines
@MDLinx: Trends in prevalence of Alzheimers disease and vascular dementia in a Japanese community: …
@LabSpaces: The brain of the fly — a high-speed computer –
@LabSpaces: Study sheds light on how psychiatric risk gene disrupts brain development –

@LabSpaces: Meditation helps increase attention span –

@BoraZ: RT @LeeBillings All of Tarkovsky’s films avail free online:

@LabSpaces: ‘Dawning of a new age’ in bacteria research –
@noahWG: 2 very important papers on parent-of-origin allelic expression in brain dev:

@thinkgenome: Age of the Genome: Episode 3 – Richard Dawkins – BBC Radio 4 …: Episode 3 SynopsisTen years …

@psychcentral: World of Psychology: Feeling Low or Down? Online Research Study
@MariSmith: Twitter – World’s Fastest Growing Search Engine! // by @douglasi via @smedio & @arkarthick

@BoraZ: Science Needs a Strategy

Appendix – Resources

Clinical Research


US Preventive services task force document on screening for dementia (open access)

Study investigates screening and economics of dementia care

Case study of early onset FTD (open access)

Research on virtual reality executive testing in parkinson’s disease (open access)


Paper on emotional expression in schizophrenia (open access)

Cognitive and mood effects of 30 hours of sleep deprivation (open access)

Hallucinatory voices in schizophrenia – a critical review (open access)

Paper on liliputian hallucinations (open access)

Review article on delusional disorder (open access)

Case report of milnacipran for negative sx (open access)

Case report of delusional parasitosis (open access)

Case study of a patient with multiple delusions (open access)

Case study of Fahr’s disease and psychosis (open access)

Nightmares in ppl with schizophrenia and depression (open access)

Insight, psychosis and behaviour in mania (open access)

Delusion of clonal pluralisation (open access)

Study investigating predictors of outcome in first episode psychosis (open access)

Apathy and executive functioning in first episode psychosis (open access)

Paper on fish intake and psychotic symptoms (open access)

Eating Disorders

Study investigating glutamine and anorexia (open access)

Meta-analysis of factors influencing eating disorders (open access)

Virtual reality exposure and body image disturbance paper (open access)

Neurotic, Stress Related and Somatoform Disorders Disorders

Study on augmented therapy for cockroach phobia (open access)

Study on psychosocial stress, heart rate variability and panic disorder (open access)

Social phobia in Indian university students (open access)

Insular cortex, declarative memory and PTSD

Paper on virtual reality therapy for anxiety disorders (open access)

Virtual humans and alleviation of anxiety (open access)

Study on risk factors for PTSD (open access)

Mood Disorders

Study on depression in Jamaicans with sickle cell disease (open access)

Epidemiology of common mood disorders across lifecourse (open access)

Review of approaches to depression (open access)

Study on crisis plans for psychosis and bipolar disorder (open access)

Decision tree for depression risk factors (open access)

Study on cognitive function in depression subtypes (open access)

Depressive symptoms, cognitive function and advanced HIV (open access)


Study on family behaviour therapy for narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder in china (open access)

Schizoid personality and loneliness (open access)

Disorders of Sleep

Sleeping beauty – case study of klein-levin syndrome (open access)

Nightmares and borderline personality (open access)


Case study of genetic diagnosis in psychiatry (open access)

Diogenes syndrome revisited (open access)

Investigation of psychomotor retardation (open access)

Paper on DVT and PE in psychiatric settings (open access)

Development of mental health first aid guidelines (open access)

Clinical rating scale for work absence and productivity (open access)

Study on implementing clinical guidelines (open access)

Augmented reality and learning (open access)

Paper on global asessment of functioning tool (open access)

Study on ankle-brachial pressure index and cognitive function (open access)

sjogren’s syndrome psychiatric case series (open access)

Cyber rehabilitation – open access

Intersubjectivity in cyberspace (open access)

Diet and prevalence of psychotic sx in female cohort (n=33000) (open access)

Virtual reality for human classical conditioning (open access)

Immersive virtual reality and anger management (open access)

Portable devices and virtual therapy (open access)

Learning Disability

Case series of psychiatric comorbidity in Prader Willi syndrome (open access)

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Psychiatric and psychosocial problems in ppl with normal intelligence autistic spectrum disorders (open access)


Case report 9 yr ECT maintenance therapy (open access)


Study on Lithium absorption and drinking spring water (open access)

Study on polypharmacy (open access)

Analgesics, ssri and serotonergic syndrome (open access)

Pregabalin and sleep in GAD (open access)

AP’s and cognition in schizophrenia – a meta-analysis (open access)

Post-injection delirium syndrome (open access)

Study on weight mitigating agents and ap tx (open access)

Study on antidepressant compliance (open access)

Study on antipsychotics and gene expression profiles in the liver

Case report – porencephaly and psychosis (open access)

Natural comparison study of ap’s (open access)

Clinical psychopharmacology treatment guidelines conference – abstracts – open access

Tropisetron RCT (open access)

Case series on SSRI and delirium (open access)

Case study of SSRI’s (open access)

Case series of SSRI’s and akathisia (open access)

SSRI AD delirium case report (open access)

Post-injection delirium part 1 (open access)


Systematic review of telepsychiatry literature – open access

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive branching in depression (open access)

Nintendo for neuropsychological testing (open access)

Psychotherapy/Theory of Psychotherapy

Ego defence mechanisms in medical students (open access)

RCT of internet delivered CBT open access

Basic Sciences
Cognitive Psychology

Study on english speakers and understanding grammar

Multiple errands test in virtual reality supermarket (open access)


Glutamate in the prefrontal cortex in schizophrenia (open access)


Polymorphism in the dysbindin gene associated with multiple psychiatric conditions (open access)


Homo Sapiens – Love and War – films

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    Older patients who show delirium are at increased risk for death and other negative outcomes, independent of other major risk factors, researchers said. Data pooled in a meta-analysis, adjusted for other risk factors, indicated that patients havin…


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