Blog Review: The Good Old Age Blog

The ‘Good Old Age Blog‘ is produced by Purdue university which has a centre for aging. The blog has a simple and effective design with many of the links located on the right hand of the screen. There is also a chronological index for the site from which it appears that the blog was created in May 2010. The posts tend to be of moderate length (for a blog), are well written and typically contain several references to the literature. There is an introductory post ‘The Good Old Age‘ which informs the reader about the purpose of the blog while also giving an overview of the author’s interpretation of the changes in the field of gerontology. This article on loneliness in older adults is also very good and discusses health associations, risk factors and management. Although there are relatively few posts, they are of high quality with multiple contributors and they contain multiple references for further reading.

Index: An index of the site can be found here. The page contains links to all of the articles in the blog in chronological order. Twitter: You can follow ‘The Amazing World of Psychiatry’ Twitter by clicking on this link. Podcast: You can listen to this post on Odiogo by clicking on this link (there may be a small delay between publishing of the blog article and the availability of the podcast). It is available for a limited period. TAWOP Channel: You can follow the TAWOP Channel on YouTube by clicking on this link. Responses: If you have any comments, you can leave them below or alternatively e-mail Disclaimer: The comments made here represent the opinions of the author and do not represent the profession or any body/organisation. The comments made here are not meant as a source of medical advice and those seeking medical advice are advised to consult with their own doctor. The author is not responsible for the contents of any external sites that are linked to in this blog.


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