Emotion and Schizophrenia

There is a review article on emotions in schizophrenia by Kring and Capinigro freely available here. Emotions are a complex phenomenon and unsurprisingly the authors spend the first part of the review focusing on what they mean by emotions and what research in this area has revealed. What they discuss are the many similarities in reporting of emotional experiences between people with and without schizophrenia. They mention specifically supporting studies examining physiological skin responses and blink responses as physiological markers of emotional experiences. In terms of imaging studies, the authors discuss some of the mixed findings around Amygdal and Prefrontal Cortex activity using fMRI and suggest that perhaps the ambiguities are due to a paucity of data.  On moving to the combination of emotion and cognition the authors discuss some interesting findings around anticipatory pleasure and recall of emotional stimuli. The authors finish by discussing the CANSAS trial and interventions including CBT in this area. The review covers a lot of ground and summarises current knowledge in a complex multidiscplinary field which should hopefully yield therapeutic benefits particularly for negative symptoms.

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